Employee Wellness from Revive Fitness

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

As health and wellness have gotten more popular over the last two decades, I have found more companies are hiring us to work with their employees to create happier, healthier, more productive workers.

Issues Impacting Employee Health

  1. Bad nutrition and eating habits

  2. Lack of exercise

  3. Tobacco use

  4. Not sleeping enough

  5. Drinking little to no water

  6. Stress, from work or home life

  7. Obesity/overweight

  8. Chronic ailments (high blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, low back pain, etc)

  9. Poor body image, which can lead to low self confidence, which in turn can lead to poor job performance

Why your company needs a Wellness Plan

  • It shows the employee you care about their well being.

  • Improves productivity

  • Lowers health insurance costs

  • Employees take fewer sick days

  • Promoted camaraderie in the work place

Revive Fitness Company Wellness Plan Services

Working with a small independent company like Revive Fitness is more beneficial than Plans provided by insurance companies. We provide a more personal approach and realize that each person is different and requires a different approach to what will help that person be successful. We