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Group Workouts Are Back…and We’ll Be In Your Neighborhood!

Join us in Bedico Creek for a heart-pumping, outdoor group exercise class. Because it’s been too long since we worked out together.


Classes will include toning, cardio, strength training, HIIT, core/abs, plus so much more! Have fun, reconnect with your neighbors, and feel the adrenaline rush conquering the best workout of your life!


Classes are held at the Pool 1 Pavilion in the Bedico Creek Subdivision off S. Fairway Drive in Madisonville. Every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. & Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm. Bring a towel and water!

Boot Camp Training in Bedico Creek Madisonville LA

Revive Fitness Boot Camp Trainings Do More Than Burn Fat  

Build Friendships – in PERSON

Not only is crushing a Boot Camp session an amazing personal accomplishment, but it’s even better when you’re surrounded by friends. Be part of a tight-knit group of Boot Camp warriors who have your back and will cheer you on when you need it the most.


Regain Confidence

There’s nothing like finishing the hardest workout of your life. You may have to sit down for a minute and you feel your sweat-drenched shirt sticking to every corner of your back, but hey! It’s an incredible feeling knowing you can accomplish anything.


Boost Happiness

Maybe the thought of exercise doesn’t make you happy, but when you get motivated to complete a workout you’re actually releasing a TON of endorphins. These little mood-boosters help you feel happier…similar to a dose of morphine. No morphine here…just an amazing boot camp workout that will have you feeling elated!


Tone Muscles

Boot Camp training works out muscles you didn’t even know you had. That’s because we’re talking full-on body transformation! A mix of cardio, weights, and resistance training will have you toned up and feeling confident.

Meet Your Boot Camp Leader

Dwight Wilson - Owner of Revive Fitness Personal Training

Dwight Wilson is the nicest, tough guy you’ll meet. With more than 14 years of experience training Miss University pageant queens, bodybuilding contestants, and bariatric surgery patients, he’s helped hundreds of people crush their health goals…from losing weight, toning up, or simply staying in shape.


A competitive bodybuilder himself and owner of Revive Fitness, Dwight knows first hand the dedication and hard work it takes to look and feel your best. But it’s more than just reshaping the outside, it’s also about feeling comfortable with yourself no matter what.


That’s why Dwight builds strong, lasting relationships with all his clients, making sure everyone feels supported and encouraged because staying healthy doesn’t happen with just one workout. It’s a lifetime of dedication and he’s honored to be with you every step of the way!

Boot Camp Trainings Are NOT Boring!

If you’re tired of playing the same YouTube video and trying to cram a workout in your living room, then coming to Bedico Creek is the answer.


We’ll be outside for all our Revive Fitness Boot Camp training so we can ensure the safety of everyone. Plus, you can feel the camaraderie of sweating your way to your goals with your fellow neighbors!


These workouts are non-stop, always changing-it-up, full-body exercises. Grab your water and towel and have fun discovering what you can accomplish when you’re surrounded with fellow Boot Campers.

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