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Let us help overhaul your body

We specialize in transforming bodies. if your goal is to lose the baby weight or to put on muscle and compete in a fitness contest and everything in between, we can help. 

Each transformation challenge includes:

  • access to coaching 24/7 via e-mail or txt

  • customized meal plan

  • individualized training plan

  • access to the on-line training app

  • weekly check-in's where changes are made to avoid plateau's

Improve your fitness, tone up, lose weight, reduce stress, and feel stronger. We hold you accountable to your goals both inside and outside the gym. Our goal is to motivate and inspire you to feel strong while working towards the best version of yourself. We work hard to educate you and give you the tools needed to succeed.

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Revive Fitness's Body Transformation 12 week program is the ultimate jump start to your fitness goals.

Our passion is fitness, we consistently live it each day. We understand the challenges that come along with starting a new program and will make you feel comfortable at each step of the way. We work with all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced athletes.

Revive Fitness Body Transformation packages are designed to meet your individual needs. As you grow stronger in your strength and fitness skills, your program will evolve to continually push you and make significant changes happen in your body. We believe in focused and highly efficient sessions.


Your time is important. All our clients love the fast-paced workout that gets the job done so you can go about your busy day. Our results are achieved by individualized challenging workouts, along with accountability plans outside the gym. We will track measurements, and do photo check-ins. This helps us to continue to tailor your nutrition and workout programs to your specific needs and keeps you motivated to do your best.


Personal training at Revive Fitness begins with a conversation about you. Together we will sit down and discuss your fitness goals, decide on your customized training package, and get you on your way to the next phase of your fitness journey. 

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